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The project was put out for bids to three liner contractors (Averett. Insituform, and Layne Inliner) and to three pipe replacement companies (Continental Associates, Jobear Construction and WP Underground Utilities):

            1.  Avrett declined to bid based on access.

            2.  Insituform’s bid came in at $544,940.80 plus $68,000.00 extra for cleaning and camera inspection and extra for any necessary    spot repairs.  After further consideration they decided that there wasn’t enough access.

            3.  Layne Inliner’s bid came in at $555,000.00 including cleaning and camera inspection plus any spot repairs. After further     consideration they also decided that there wasn’t enough access.  We then got them to bid on just lining the 24” pipes from Horizon Lane to the south fence and that bid came in at $116,353.00.

            4.  Continental Associates’s bid to dig and replace was up to $750,000.00 when we told them that they were too high and out of the ballpark.

            5.  Jobear Construction declined to bid.

            6.  WP Underground Utilities’s bid came in at $540,466.70 to dig and replace.

The problem with dig and replace is that at least one shed would have to be torn down, the pad re-poured and the shed rebuilt. A putting green patio and surrounding wall would have to be removed and replaced. A couple driveways would have to be cut and the concrete replaced. Pavers in several locations would have to be removed and replaced and plants would have to be removed and replaced.  Then the old drainage pipes would have to be pumped full with concrete slurry in order to keep them from collapsing in the future.  We estimated these additional costs to be approximately $50,000.00.

The bid from WP Underground Utilities to dig and replace only the main 48” drain pipe is $394,786.70 plus pipe lining the 24” drain pipe by Layne Inliner at a cost of $116,353.00 equals $511,139.70 which represents a substantial savings over the original projection.

Due to lot availability for access to the South Fence area this project will not be started until sometime in March 2018.

                                                March 15, 2018


Effective in May of this year our cable contract with Spectrum will terminate.  Whether we enter into a new contract hasn’t been decided.  Regardless, the digital assistant boxes that we now use must be returned to Spectrum or you will be charged $4.95 per month for each box.

Consequently, each owner must call Spectrum at 321-254-3300 and advise them that you will be returning said boxes and then you must take them to either the Melbourne office (located next to Kelly Ford on US Rt1) or to the Palm Bay office (located behind Applebee’s on Palm Bay Rd.).  You must return them in person or have a friend or neighbor return them for you.  This must be accomplished before you leave for the summer or you will be charged until you return to ORA and return the boxes to Spectrum.

If we enter into a new contract with Spectrum, you will be able to visit either one of these Spectrum offices and pick up two HD digital boxes free of charge as part of the new contract.  Should you need another box for another TV there will be an additional charge of $5.95 for another HD box.